Airdrie's LAV III

Airdrie's LAV III

Airdrie's LAV IIIAirdrie's LAV III

This monument recognizes 158 members of our Canadian Armed Forces, and 4 civilians, that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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This monument provides not only the citizens of Airdrie, but in fact all Albertans and other Canadians, with an important recognition of the dedicated service as well as the many and significant sacrifices made by members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The installation and dedication of this monument serves as a public thank you from a grateful nation.

The Airdrie LAV III monument not only commemorates the fallen in Afghanistan, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, it recognizes all the men and women whose lives have been forever changed by their notable contributions, both to their country, and to the many places in our world where they had been deployed as part of their service. 

This monument also affords the opportunity for a full recognition of the contributions and events of our past, as we collectively work to empower our youth on their journey towards becoming our leaders of tomorrow. 


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